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Congratulations to MUMBLERINES for becoming the ISKT-Premier League Champions! After being defeated by FORTIS earlier in the Winner’s Bracket, MUMBLERINES came back to defeat FORTIS twice in the Grand Finals to claim the title! For a walkthrough of all the ISKT-P matches, see the infograph below:


The inaugural season of ISKT-Open has concluded with WHITEFOX being crowned the ISKT-Open Champions! They defeated FEAR ACADEMY on Kohat AAS v1 in a hard fought battle. Both teams will now have one additional test to prove themselves of being in the best company Squad has to offer, when they play FULL+PROG and TACTICALLY ADEQUATE for a chance to possibly be promoted to ISKT-P for Season 2. Stay tuned to our Discord for all match times and announcements!


Please take a moment to congratulate all the teams below for competing in ISKT Season 2…


  • #1 Mumberlines (EU)
  • #2 Fortis (OC)
  • #3 ParadiSe + Indies (EU)
  • #4 Fight on the Fucking Objective (NA)
  • #5  salt (OC)
  • #6 Finnish Squad (EU)
  • #7 FULL + proG (RUS)
  • #8 Tactically Adequate + (Formerly) Swift Knights (NA)
  • #9 whiteFOX (EU)
  • #10 FA (EU)
  • #11 ZXD (EU)
  • #11 SigTac + AD (NA)
  • #12 HSR (EU)
  • #12 Doc (NA)
  • #12 AoN (NA)
  • #12 ZSU+ZFG (OC)
  • #13 QFF+TLR (EU)
  • #13 FC+tcD (GER)
  • #13 1ST (FRA)
  • #13 BigD (OC)

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