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Please take a moment to congratulate all the teams below for making it to ISKT-Premier League!

  • #1 Seed – Mumblerines (EU)
  • #2 Seed – Fortis (OC)
  • #3 Seed – ParadiSe + Indies (EU)
  • #4 Seed – Fight on the Fucking Objective (NA)
  • #5 Seed – salt (OC)
  • #6 Seed – FULL + proG (EU)
  • #7 Seed – Finnish Squad (EU)
  • #8 Seed – Tactically Adequate + Swift Knights (NA)

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ISKT-Premier Qualifiers Wrap-Up

The ISKT-P Qualifiers Summer Season has come to a close and we’ve identified the teams that will be moving on to our inaugural ISKT-P Season 1 which you can see above! All of the teams were evaluated for “Win/Loss” record followed by “Points For/Against” in the cases that there were ties for record between teams from different groups. We want to take a moment to thank all of the teams that competed and hope that those who didn’t qualify for ISKT-P, will continue to compete and sign-up for ISKT-Open. We’d also like to thank all the referees and streamers who volunteered throughout the entire season to make sure the matches started on-time, rules were enforced and was broadcasted via Twitch so that all the fans and community could cheer on their favorite teams!

We are always in need of more referees for our staff and if it’s something you’re passionate about assisting in, please fill out an application here! Please remember as well, that all of our Articles are community created/written and that anyone who has an account on InternationalSquad.com is able to do a write-up about anything Squad related. So don’t be shy and be sure to write something up to get the community talking about what you’re passionate about!

ISKT-O sign-ups are still open. If you wish to get your team signed up to compete in the most intense action Squad has to offer with a chance to compete against the best in ISKT-P someday, head over to our ISKT-O Sign-Ups page to read through all the rules and information regarding getting your team signed up. Time is running out as we’re looking to get ISKT-O Season 1 underway within the next few weeks!

Please, in the meantime, make sure you are in our Discord so that you can be up-to-date on all the latest news with regards to ISKT! We are also taking Donations that will be applied to server up-keeps and also towards development of server management tools that might potentially become available publicly upon final completion.

See you all on the battlefield!