Top 5 Squad Leader Mistakes

1. “I’ll just sit here on this uncappable flag so when you cap the flag I’ll instantly start capping.”

No. Don’t. Stop. Here’s the thing, while there are certain rare times when this is valuable with 3-4 people, in most cases it won’t happen. Because your team will be numbers down.

Say you’re 4 squads even on both sides (36vs36), that means enemies most likely have 2 squads on attack, 2 on defence and your team does the same. Except one of their attacking squads is sitting on an uncap waiting for the
second attacking squad to somehow not only break a defensive position but also win 1:2 man ratio? If that succeeds they’re far superior players and the reason you’re winning is hardly because of your flanking move.

However, I will say this: There are cases, especially when you’ve already neutralised your attack flag and your defensive such can’t be capped in time it might be worth to push to the next flag to start blitzing. But be aware,
you need to be SUPER sure your teammates can actually get the flag and that the capping doesn’t stop.

2. Fighting over FOBs far away from caps.

Honestly, not much to say. If the enemy defends a FOB 600 meters of the closest active objective you shouldn’t ever be there. 20 tickets is not worth it. Spawn back with your team and shock the enemy in superior numbers
instead, since they’ll have a useless squad on a useless FOB.

3. Not reacting to flag losses / gains quickly enough.

This is by far the most annoying part of pub games.

You just lost a flag and your squad decides to stay on the previous attack flag because “there are still enemies here!” Yeah well so what? If they do what I said before, instantly spawn at the new objective your team
will be overran and get shat on while you’re dancering around on an uncap. This obviously goes with #1 and #2, but there’s also the opposite:

Your team captures a flag and you’re still on defense because enemies are attacking. This is a problem because if you’re not there fast enough, the new defending flag might soon be overran and you’re vulnerable to blitz capping.

4. Super fobing

Honestly, there’s VERY few times this is ever worth it. It never is in AAS. Some defences are fine, but the mega super duper doom fobs are never working.

What happens if your team caps a flag?

Or what happens if you lose your flag?

You’ve spent the majority of the game digging for nothing?

Small fobs on flags CAN be worth it, all though not recommended, with some sandbags and such for very open flag (Think ammo hill on fools road)

5. Communication

This is so basic yet seem so hard. ALWAYS coordinate with other squads. There’s so many times I hear “Sq1 going to attack”….. “Sq2 joining”…. “SQUAD 3 FLANKING [attack flag] FROM EAST” and boom, you’re leaving your defensive behind.

Remember, EVERYONE wants to attack. Sitting on defensive objectives generally gives you more action than attacking. And you can use emplacements, vehicles and shit really effective!

Defending a point for a whole game can easily win that game just by the war of attrition on enemies.


  1. Good write up Nordic! I’d only add, due to recent additions, about SL being a mortar user if apart of a full squad. Already ran into instances where the SL wants to be the one using mortars but has 9 people in his squad. He’s costing his squad spawns by not being able to get a rally to strategically help them spawn.

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