Teams can now sign-up for ISKT Open League, click here for the sign-up page!

ISKT Summer Qualifiers (group play/round robin – format) is currently underway for ISKT Season 2, to determine which teams will make it to ISKT Premier League (ISKT-P). As part of the qualifiers, all teams will play each other in their specific group, one time. The top two teams from each group and the “next two best” will advance to ISKT Premier (8 teams total). ISKT-P will start sometime in September, and will have a double elimination knockout format (similarly to ISKT Season 1). The winner will be crowned the World Champion of ISKT.

Example of doube-elimination knockout bracket for ISKT Premier League.

Also starting in September, ISKT Open League (ISKT-O) will be for all interested clans/communities to join where they will compete in round robin play and then playoffs with a single elimination knockout format. Any team or community is available to sign-up for ISKT-O to compete. Group play will seed teams based on region so Oceanic/North American teams will face one another and European teams will face one another. The strongest teams for the group plays will be moved to a single elimination ISKT bracket where they will crown a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Example of round-robin group stage in ISKT Open League (shows 2 out of 4 groups)

Example of single-elimination knockout stage in ISKT Open League.

Down the road, ISKT will look at promoting teams from Open to Premier, and vice versa, in an effort to keep competition fresh and rewarding/engaging for clans involved. Teams that do well in ISKT-O could eventually work their way into ISKT-P and perhaps one day all the way to the ISKT-P Grand Finals.

Teams can now sign-up for ISKT Open League, click here for the sign-up page!