International Squad Knockout Tournament to Break 1,000 Concurrent Players!

Current State of the Tournament Scene

Squad is currently pretty deep into Alpha with large amounts of content previewed and still on the path to the public.

That hasn’t even come close to stopping the growth of competitive Squad. The first ISKT had 8 teams in 24 man format. Qualifiers for this season jumped the team count to 16 only weeks after the championship finals between Fortis and FFO. The ISKT has now split into two levels, ISKT-Professional and ISKT-Open which are planned to have 8 and 16 teams respectively. That is 768 unique players taking the field each week plus all of the alternates/fillers for those teams.

For a game that still has massive amounts of content planned and previewed, the tournament scene is rocketing forward. To put this into perspective the ISKT will be tripling the amount of teams between mid-April when the inaugural season started to the end of September when ISKT-O and ISKT-P go into full swing.

Future Content & Development

As indicated by the August monthly recap, there are some pretty exciting things over the horizon for Squad. High angle GP25 fire, scaling obstacles, bipods, TOW launchers etc. The content we have now is completely bare-bones in comparison to what we will have a year from now. In his interview with Karmakut, Irontaxi noted the team was even going to try to have helicopters in before the new Year. While he noted that he wasn’t sure they could realistically make that timeline, it shows you how quickly the landscape of competitive play is going to evolve in the coming months. Also, a large portion of the OWI team is now doing optimisation work, which will significantly increase the accessibility of the game for people on lower specs and boost our active player count.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you don’t have a pair of eclipse glasses you may want to buy some because the future is blindingly bright.

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