This weekend we saw three incredible matches and two teams head home.  First match of the weekend was Fortis vs Mumblerines on Chora AASv2.  The competitive community seemed to largely favor a Mumblerines victory but Fortis would have none of it.  They were confident before the match and showed masterful strategy and tactics.  They clearly prepared well for the match and showed that they are not content with being second on the podium this season.

FORTIS: (RIP) Humvee vs 30mm BTR

FFO faced off against Finnish Squad on Operation First Light.  Game 1 was fairly close with FSQ scoring a win as US.  FFO met FSQ in a far more careful method than their usual style and the game was largely shooter vs shooter with FFO attempting to mix in some heavy pressure.  FSQ was unable to hold back the FFO zerglings in game 2 as FFO scored a 5 cap and solid win.

FFO: IED FOB Takedown

Match 3 of the weekend was salt. vs ParadiSe * Indies also on Operation First Light.  Game 1 saw salt. score a strong 201 ticket victory as US and many were wondering ParadiSe * Indies would be able to answer.  It was not a quick match as ParadiSe * Indies switched from their absolutely relentless pressure strategy in game 1 to a very aggressive takedown of Storage site and defensive play.  A double technical IED rush by salt. failed by literally meters in an attempt to destroy the ParadiSe * Indies FOB supporting Storage.  Had that attack succeeded it would have blown the game wide open for salt..  The end score for game 2 was 304 win for ParadiSe * Indies, giving them a narrow but well-deserved victory of 103 tickets.

ied mayhem

The last four teams standing are now Fortis 3-0, Mumblerines 2-1, FFO 2-1, and ParadiSe * Indies 2-1.  Fortis will wait for the lower three teams to cannibalize each other starting with FFO vs ParadiSe * Indies.  Mumblerines will play the winner of that match and the winner of Mumblerines vs FFO or ParadiSe * Indies will push up to grand finals vs Fortis.  Since this is double elimination play and Fortis is undefeated, the challenger will have to edge out two wins against Fortis to claim the podium and title of ISKT Season 2 champions.

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