ISKT-P – The Premier League or La Liga?

The Barclays Premier League is unpredictable and ever changing, though it’s not necessarily the most unpredictable league in Europe. If a team you’ve never heard of before can win the EPL, against some of the richest teams in the world, you know it’s an exciting league to watch.

According to the article above, the league that’s even more unpredictable is the English Championship. On the contrary, La Liga can be seen as the most predictable league. Nobody really wants to be playing the same teams and watching the same teams play against each other. Yet, is it even possible for competitive Squad to be a game where all teams, regardless of individual skill, have a chance of being the victor if they outwit, outsmart and use their resources better than their opponent?

The RTS Game Filled With FPS Gamers

We can look at rare examples of strategy trumping FPS skill with the ISKT Grand Final Season 1 between FFO and Fortis(On OP First Light). Many can agree that Fortis, has much more twitch shooters/experienced FPS players than FFO. However, between them we saw FFO execute a better game plan (somebody made brief comments during the streamed game on FFO’s strategy compared to Fortis’) and won both rounds despite having less kills. Then again, many victories throughout military history are as a result of their opponents mistakes.

This shows that it’s very possible even if you don’t have have a clan of twitch shooters to win, and more emphasis will be put on this as the game continues to develop. Usually what we see is the team with the most kills/incaps win the round. Maybe in the future this will change.

More importantly, wouldn’t it be exciting to watch a top clan get outwitted by a clan who used the available resources more effectively. We wanna see these upsets, it would certainly attract more viewers.

Will The Games Direction Naturally Balance The Teams?

In the ISKT-P, will we continue to see the same teams despite the dramatic shift in gameplay? If all participating teams put in the same amount of time in Squad and creating strategies, would we still see the same 8 teams in P-League?

A new law was introduced in La Liga that distributed television money evenly, stopping Real Madrid and Barcelona taking most of the cash. While this is a step in the right direction, the big clubs will always have more revenue pouring in. Similarly, Squad introduces new mechanics which helps reduce the effectiveness of FPS gameplay and increase strategic gameplay.

On the other hand, the really good players want to join the really good teams. So you still end up with a skill deficit between the teams that win the majority of their games and the teams that lose the majority of their games and yes, even though skill is a result of experience and playtime, competitive Squad can be the playground where the smartest, most determined and most adaptive thrive, not necessarily the most skilled.

Squad was never meant to be a competitive shooter. Squad is an experience. However, the competitive scene pushes Squad to its limits and takes full advantage of, or perhaps exploits, every available mechanic and resource. Therefore, devs use clan games to make note of what’s working and what’s not working. Squad is striving to be the game where teamplay, strategy and cunning, not individual skill, wins the day. The FFO Fortis game proved that.

What Can The Modding Community Do?

While Devs are willing to support the competition of Squad, without compromising their intended direction of the game, the vanilla game might not realise the full potential of community groups such as ISKT. What do you feel the modding community could do to increase the unpredictability of the competitive scene? Do you even want to see some unpredictability/luck/randomness/upsets in comp games, or should the team who works hardest and has the best laid plans win every time?

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