ISKT Roundup #2 – “2nd Round’s on you?”

ISKT Roundup #2

“2nd Round’s on you?”

Gday, here’s another publication from yours truly and there is plenty to discuss so lets dive right into it. (Still sorting out publication dates so bear with me)!


First up we have this fantastic video produced by the man Koodoo himself, a nice little teaser with some subtle music to get you into the mood.  Take a look and be sure to give some feedback, there will be more videos/images and streams to come!
On the topic of streams, I’d like to give a give thanks to all of our streamers that have stepped up withing the community, they have helped the presence of ISKT explode out into the limelight. Some jumped aboard as soon as they caught wind of a competition brewing, others have seen what they tournament can achieve and have helped catch all those exciting moments.
Here’s a list of our current Streamer/Caster Team(A-Z):

  • [FFO] Tucci
  • Bmillz
  • runningDuck
  • TheDevilDolphin

These guys have done some outstanding work already and it’s been great fun watching the content they deliver. If you are interested in becoming a Caster/Streamer for ISKT contact Koodoo on the ISKT Discord or via PM.


Here are a couple of clips from the last weeks:

Running Ducks Fortis Interview

Stryker in a Box


Be sure to send yours in if you’d like the chance to be featured in the Roundup!


On the horizon we’ve got some very big matches ahead of us, both 21st of May so it’s going to be a squad filled day.


First to mention is the long awaited and controversial FFO vs Parasteryks match which from polls and the plethora of banter around the match is going to be an intense one.

Secondly the Mumblerines vs Fortis, an EU vs AU special with an interesting twist as these teams have played each other once before with a Fortis win(Winner Stage 1).


So, will we see some new tactics to catch enemy teams off guard?  Will there be upsets and experiments or just some tried and true tactics we’ve come to know most teams for. Hard to say,  be sure to watch the streamed matches on the 21st to be involved and if you’re into playing with fate, come try the new betting function on the ISKT website(



So that will be all for this 2nd instalment of the the Roundup, hope you all enjoyed the read. Make sure to leave some banter in feedback in the comments below or in the Discord. I’m still working this article thing out so please excuse and filthy formatting!

As always big thanks to everyone that has helped this competition grow so much, over such a small amount of time. If you would like to offer a hand, whether it be Staff, Caster or involved in the competition, be sure to contact Koodoo or myself so we can discuss it further.


Next time I’ll be discussing:

-Winners Grand Final

-Best community picks for Images and Videos

-Interviews with Clan Leaders.


ISKT Youtube:

ISKT Discord:

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