ISKT Roundup #3 – “Season for Dreamin”


ISKT Roundup #3

“Season for Dreamin”

Hello, we’re back again with another news piece to cover the happenings within ISKT inside and out. There’s been some huge changes since we finished up qualifiers, some obvious, some that might have slipped past. So lean back, maybe put on your favourite music track and enjoy the read!


Map Analysis – Tartantyco

Firstly we’ll take a look at this nice number created by Tartantyco a member of the ISKT staff and all round pusher of community involvement and projects. Sitting in with him on this video is Steez, Oceanic Tournament Manager for ISKT and Doctor Hammer leader of the team Doc’s Office, who are participating in ISKT-O. Give it a watch, definitely has some length to it, but it’s worth it to hear their thoughts on Logar as a comp map and the different teams we may see play out.

I dare say we can expect to see more of these in the future, finger crossed!

ISKT Qualifier Highlights – RunningDuck

Here’s a nicely put together compilation from the man RunningDuck, showing some intense moments from the qualifiers.

ISKT Youtube uploads/Caster projects

There has been an extensive effort from the casting team to bring the youtube channel up to scratch, especially in regard to Season 1 and a few videos left out from the qualifier season. I have to say there are some great moments there and it’s always fun to go re-watch one of those matches that got me going ballistic on twitch. So if you’re looking to relive some memories or would like to draw some inspiration from teams that have played in the past, give it a watch, never know what you might find.

Alongside updating YouTube, the casters as a collective have been putting in work! With so many matches coming up and everybody hungry for a streamer, it’s definitely a tough task at times for these volunteers to broadcast every game and do all that editing. It’s been an exciting time watching quality of casts and productions improve and seeing the more senior streaming team, assist in growing and assisting other would be casters efforts. Haynick NA Tournament Manager and Running Duck Lead Caster, have been vital in creating a well oiled team, that can handle the workload ISKT presents.

As always if you have anything you’d like to share, whether it’s highlights, funny moments or great firefights. Send it through for a chance at a feature.

YouTube Link

Season 2 – open/premier

Though the season has started already, there has only been roughly 2 weeks of game time. Already we’ve seen some great matches, both in the Open category and the Premier Category. Team numbers are at an all time high with 21 teams in total. Now this may not sound like a lot, but that is 21 teams fielding 24 players each, whether they are coalitions or standalone. Now if we assume each team has 8-10 reserves(A fair guess), then we are potentially looking at ~750 players actively involved in ISKT Tourney matches. Whilst this number does not reach some peoples predictions, it’s important not to lose sight of how big that number has grown since the first days of this Tournament.

For us as Staff and Team Reps there have been plenty of changes, namely including:

  • Every team(Open and Premier) must now provide a referee to ISKT(So we have a ref for each game!)
  • The servers provided to us and how we provide them to teams, are now more centralised, with each Tournament Manager being the contact point for their regions servers.
  • Casters have re-organised with Running Duck as lead, so they can provide maximum coverage whilst still working in with their availabilities.
  • Discord bots have been implemented(Credit to Pliskin and Screach implementing some great backend works enabling better sorting of directories and usability of the discord)
  • A new app based system for remotely starting/stopping servers, changing config files and more, that has enabled as a much needed amount of flexibility and control to help speed up our server providing process(Created/Coded by Konorr)
  • A slightly altered map pool (1. Logar AAS v1 2. Kohat AAS v1 3. OPFL 4. Chora AAS v2 5. Yehorivka AAS v1)
  • Plenty of new, much needed additions to the staff team to assist with round the clock match organising(Always appreciated)And that about sums up the major changes I can bring to mind. Of course ISKT is always evolving and attempting to create the best competitive environment within squad and whilst sometimes peoples effort are missed, I think majority of the time, anyone putting free time into making this Tourney work is appreciated.

I hope we get to see more thrilling matches this season, as everybody really saddles into place, there’s some great potential this season is going to be a big one! As always a huge thank-you to all staff that work to make ISKT what it is, pretty much impossible without you guys and if your names not here, you’re still well-loved! Massive thanks to Tournament Managers also, ensuring that day to day runs smoothly and without a hitch.


Hide your kids it’s worse than the Csgo skins gambling scandal, it’s ISKT Team Betting! With more points, more options, more salt and plenty more koodoos, Season 2’s top Koodoer is on the line with Nordic being last Seasons TOP KOODER. So don’t be afraid make an account if you haven’t and roll the dice, work the numbers and who knows you might come out on top with a little something extra?

Betting Link


Quite recently the ISKT|The Farm public licenced server was announced, based in Los Angeles. Put forward as an experiment, it was our goal to see how much interest there was in such a server and try and provide better competitive play in pub games. Let us know your thoughts, whether in the Discord or in the comment below here, as we’re keen to know if people are ready to get down for some international pub stomping or they prefer the seclusion of their continents. Any feedback is appreciated!

If you’re interested in providing a server for ISKT, come and speak to one of our Tournament Managers.


As we progress down the line of having a staff team, providing servers, casting matches and attempting to expand our ability to provide to the community around ISKT, there is, as always going to be some costs at some point. Being a volunteer community, no-one is paid(Except Koodoo in rare memes) which means end of the day, every single donation goes a long way to helping us stay stable and consistent in our providing abilities. Definitely not asking for a whole paycheck, but even a few dollars from everyone here and there, goes a long way!

Donate Link

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