ISKT Round 4 Wrap Up

The ISKT Professional level knockout bracket is fleshing out quickly with the close of all Game 4 matches on Kohat.  We have a pretty good idea of which teams will be moving on, so let’s break down the groups.

Group A

Paradise/Indies is the top dog in the bracket remaining undefeated for the first four matches and will face Finnish Squad in game five.  While Finnish Squad has dropped a match, they have certainly made a name for themselves with interesting vehicle play and are still contending for 2nd place against salt. since both teams are 3-1.  Finnish Squad will need to be pulling out all of the stops to beat salt. as they end with Game 5 vs Paradies/Indies.  Teams that are headed to round robin play include TAW/2.FJg (TAW formerly partnered with Ops the first two games), aR/SigTac, and HSR.  This leaves us with Paradise, salt., and Finnish Squad for the Pro level double elimination knockout.

Group B

The only undefeated team left in Group B is Fortis.  Both Tactically Adequate/Swiftknights and FULL/proG are sporting 3-1 records going into game 5.  FULL/proG will face ZSU/ZFG/BigD and Tactically Adequate/Swiftknights is hoping to take a game off Fortis after losing a brutal match against FULL/proG  that lasted over three hours.  Unless ZSU/ZFG/BigD can pull off a near perfect victory against FULL/proG the teams heading to the ISKT Open Tournament will be ZSU/ZFG/BigD, ZXD/SVG, and ATB/VaeV with TA/SWF, FULL/proG, and Fortis headed to the pro tournament.

Group C

Group C stands out a bit as one team was unable to meet the commitment required for ISKT and had to forfeit; therefore, each of the five remaining teams is up one win by default.  The major standout in Group C, and the tournament overall is Mumblerines.  Their game 5 is won by default so they will finish the qualifier match 5-0.  In the 4 matches they did play they lost less than 800 tickets – total.  Many are certainly looking at them as the team to beat moving into knockout play.  Our ISKT Season 1 champions FFO are currently 3-1 after 3 solid victories and a loss against Mumblerines.  This bracket will only have two teams moving to knockout due to the forfeit which leaves One Shot Theory, AoN, tcD/FC going to ISKT Open play and FFO, Mumblerines moving up.



There have been a lot of questions about the ISKT Open tournament and there should be a formal announcement with all details released soon.  Teams interested that can field 24 players either alone or partnered with other clans can enter.  The format will be a round robin tournament which seeds into a single elimination knockout.  We should see some amazing gameplay here as the teams pull out all the stops on their quest to get another shot at the Pro level next season.  If interested you can read some more of the details in the last section, second paragraph of this article –

Teams who are interested should be preparing now!  To become more engaged with ISKT or reach out to tournament staff about the ISKT Open tournament please join the ISKT discord at


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