Map Rotation


ISKT Season 2 (ISKT-O/P) Map Rotation

Round 1: Logar AAS v1

Round 2: Kohat AAS v1

Round 3: OPFL

Round 4: Chora AAS v2

Round 5: Yehorivka AAS v1

The above series of maps will be played in this order regardless of which bracket (or group for ISKT-O) you’re playing in. If you lose your first match in ISKT-P, both the 2nd round of Winner’s Bracket and 1st round of Loser’s Bracket will play Kohat AAS v1.

For an example, please visit:


Finals Maps

Due to having more than 5 matches in the tournament, ISKT-P Winner’s Bracket (Round 3) and the ISKT-O/P Grand Finals (as well as 2nd match if ISKT-P Loser’s Bracket team wins first match) will be using an elimination veto map selection system.


What Does This Mean?

  • Maps currently in the rotation will be open and each team captain will take a turn to “eliminate” a specific map from contention.
  • The first veto team selects the side they wish to play on first pending the selection of the map.
  • After each veto has been received, captains must wait for officials to confirm before giving your next vote (to prevent cheating). Not waiting for confirmation could potentially risk your map you wish to play, to be vetoed by the other team.



If any teams are un-certain of how a specific scenario is to play out, please reach out to a “Tournament Manager” on Discord so that we may assist you.