General Information

Game mode: PAAS, AAS, Skirmish
Sets format: 2 rounds(1 map), best of one map.
Time limit: map’s time limit.
Server settings: Game.ini (tournament mode)


We reserve the right to change, modify or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate by ISKT in order to uphold and maintain a spirit of overall fairness and good sportsmanship. Everyone who participates in ISKT state that they understand and accept all rules.

1. General

Any teams and clans from any country in the world which have a desire to play can play in an International Squad tournament. All players are asked to behave in a humane way towards other competitors, and to any members of the administration team. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself!

1.1. League Administration

The league administration has the right to decide outside the rulebook in special cases to guarantee fair play.

1.2. Streaming

Minimum delay of streams should be at least 15 minutes. Delay can be increased or removed only if both teams agree to change it.

1.3. Scoreboard

A screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of each half must be taken and uploaded within 24 hours.

1.4. Cheating

Players caught cheating will be banned from ISKT for at least 1 year. Depending on circumstances it can also include their team (if a team has multiple cheaters in their team or a blatant one, for example).

1.5. Player

When registering, each player must provide an up-to-date and correct email address and it is the player’s responsibility to keep this up-to-date.

1.6. Players in a team

A player may only play for one team in a tournament.

1.7.1. FORBIDDEN programs and configuration modifications

Any changes to the game files or to the game’s configuration files that can’t be done through the in-game options menu are not allowed (e.g. ultra low textures, no smoke/dust, name tags, no plants, etc.). All sorts of such disallowed modifications through the configurations or third party programs will be punished with a ban and is considered cheating. All other hacks or cheats will also result in a ban. New programs and/or modifications are forbidden, as long as they are not specifically listed as legal.

Programs and macros that provide an advantage during game play (e.g. drivers that allow the removing of walls, single shot macros, etc.) are forbidden. The following results are listed to clarify some of the not allowed macros/scripts:

  • no recoil or recoil control macro/script/configuration
  • single shot macro/script
  • Aim assist/aimbot via macro/script/configuration/programs
  • auto reload script/macro
  • auto revive script/macro
  • auto spotting script/macro


List of allowed programs:

  • Reshade
  • SweetFX

2. Rules for 24v24 Squad ISKT Summer Tournament

2.1. Map Rotation

ISKT Season 2 (ISKT-O/P) Map Rotation:

Round 1: Logar AAS v1
Round 2: Kohat AAS v1
Round 3: OPFL
Round 4: Chora AAS v2
Round 5: Yehorivka AAS v1

For more detailed information, please visit Map Rotation page.

2.2. Weapon Restrictions

Players are not allowed to use any weapons which they aren’t supposed to by the game design. For example:

  • If there are only 4 players in a squad, players are not allowed to play using kits which become available to take only when there are more than 4 players in a squad. A good example of violation of this rule would using Grenadier kit when there are only 4 players in a squad(to pick a GL kit you need at least 5 players in a squad).
  • Using kits which become available only after certain amount of players join a team, when your team doesn’t have needed amount of players. A good example of violation of this rule would be using HAT kit in a 18v18 match(HAT kit become available only after there are 20 players in a team), when there are 2 referees in your team spectating the match.

If you think opponent has violated any of the rules above, contact a referee privately(don’t write it in allChat). And if you think it affected results of the match, make a protest to find a solution. Violation of listed above weapon restrictions will be punished as following:
5% of starting tickets removed from a team per each incident. If it was used several times and/or by several players the punishment per each incident can be higher!

2.4. Glitch and Bug Use

Any sort of bug use is not allowed. Also unknown bugs are forbidden in the first place unless they are listed in the rules to be allowed. Positions where textures disappear in walls or grounds are forbidden.

List of known bugs which are strictly forbidden:

  • Water glitching: it is forbidden to use prone function when player is in the water, if player died in the water, he is obligated to stand up as soon as he get revived by a medic.
  • Wall glitching: it is forbidden to get inside walls or any other objects, or look through any objects that aren’t transparent.
    • If you can see the FOB/HAB, you can dig it.
    • If you can see the person clip through a wall, you can shoot them.
  • Medic glitching: it is forbidden to heal with a medic bag or bandage a player through a wall.
  • Flipping of enemy vehicles using bugs
  • Killing vehicle crew inside vehicles using bugs
  • FOB in Deployable: FOB cannot be completely covered by a deployable (HESCOs, HABs, Rep Stations, etc.) rendering the FOB un-diggable. The rule of thumb is that at least half of the FOB must be sticking out of the deployable for the placement to be considered legal.

Using such forbidden positions or bugs will result in removal of 5% of starting tickets for a team in the round per incident. In severe cases of bug and glitch use, it may result in technical defeat in a round or a match for a team.

2.5. Scoring and Match results

Two rounds are played on one map. After the first round is over teams switch and play the second round. Tickets of both rounds count for the end result. The team that has bigger amount of tickets after 2 rounds win the match. If after 2 played rounds teams have the same amount of tickets, team that has won its round faster than the other team wins.

3. General Match Rules

3.1. Before the match

3.1.1. Server choice

If both teams are from the same region, server will be hosted in the same region. If teams are from different regions(EU and AU, for example), they will have a choice:

  1. Play 1 round on a server located in the closer region and then on a server in the opponent’s region. In this case, teams will have to agree beforehand on who starts which side, which rounds are played on which servers, etc.
  2. If teams can’t agree on something(if some team doesn’t want to use first option, or teams can’t agree who starts at which side first or anything else), server will be hosted in a region to provide all players roughly the same ping(NA in our case with teams from EU and AU).

3.1.2. Confirmation readiness before the match start

Before the start of the match both teams must state that they are ready to start the match:

  1. Before a map change teams have to confirm that they are ready for a map change to start to play a match.
  2. After the map change, during a timer before actual start of the round, teams are allowed to cancel their readiness if they have a respectful reason for that(player dropped after the change of the map, someone is suddenly missing, etc.). Don’t abuse this rule if you don’t have a respectful reason, referees will be allowed to penalize teams(which abuse it) by tickets.

3.2. During the match

3.2.1. Server Crash

If a server crashes during a round, then the round has to be restarted unless it is agreed upon by the refs and both Team Captains that it was impossible for one team to beat the other.

3.2.2. Player Drop

When a player disconnects or leaves midway through the match, they must reconnect as soon as possible and if they cannot return, the team captain must state that they are getting a substitute player to join (all chat).

3.2.3. Change of players

Players can be changed at any time during the match. The new player has to fulfill all requirements and has to be eligible to play in the match. Team captain must state in all chat the intention.

3.3. After the match

3.3.1. Right to file a protest

Each team has a right to file a protest on the match discord chat. Only players/teams involved in a match are allowed to file a protest.