ISKT Open League (ISKT-O) will be for all interested clans/communities to join where they will compete in round robin play and then playoffs with a single elimination knockout format. The strongest teams for the group plays will be moved to a single elimination ISKT bracket where they will crown a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

After each season, ISKT will look at promoting teams from Open League to Premier League, and vice versa, in an effort to keep competition fresh and rewarding/engaging for clans involved. Teams that do well in ISKT-O could eventually work their way into ISKT-P and perhaps one day all the way to the ISKT-P Grand Finals.


Teams will be composed of 24 players made up from one or multiple clans, meaning its possible to combine forces with other clans to make the number. Team Captains interested in partnering with another clan will be responsible for finding the partner themselves. Additionally, the two clans MUST be from the same continent to avoid timezone issues.


During group stage the teams will be seeded into a number of groups, and teams in a group will all play each other once (round-robin format). Each team in the groups will be ranked by match wins. Should a tie happen in a group, the tickets of every round will be added and the team with the higher tickets will move on. The top teams from each group will move on to the playoffs in the knockout stage.


The playoffs will have the format of single-elimination tournament. Only a few teams will reach this stage of ISKT-O, the most-winning teams from the group stage. Teams will face each other in a bracket where losing causes your team to be eliminated, and winning means your teams will keep progressing. This continues until there is only one surviving team remaining in the tournament, which will be crowned the 1st place of ISKT-O.

Example of round-robin group stage (shows 2 out of 4 groups)

Example of single-elimination knockout stage.

important notes

  • Teams will be composed of 24 players (Subject to an increase to 27).
  • Teams will agree with a contract stating that:
    • Matches will be started no later than five minutes after start time. (Punctuality)
    • Matches will be played within 14 days from each other or else the team will be forced into forfeit
    • All competition rules and prohibited exploits list will be obeyed. Full list of rule-set can be found here.
    • International matches will use the following times as suggested guidelines for setting up matches (weekends):
      • EU vs. OC: 0900 UTC – 1200 UTC
      • NA vs. EU: 1500 UTC – 2000 UTC
      • NA vs. OC: 0000 UTC – 0200UTC
  • Multi-clan teams will be responsible for finding their partners (in the same continent).
  • Streams will have a 15 minute delay unless there is an agreement between the teams to have no delay.
  • There will be a predetermined map pool.
  • Team Captains (clan reps) will need to join the ISKT Discord Server (LINK).
    • Scheduling before a match should take place within designated channels which will be created for each match, in the ISKT Discord Server.
  • Servers, casters, and referees will be provided.