Squad is the most UNDERRATED game on Steam.

A hybrid that formed on the Battlefield 2 game engine, the mod Project Reality was a huge breakthrough for what is currently the OWI staff. The success of the mod brought in new ideas of a new game but rebranded under a new name and new engine; Squad.

The player base of Squad is what essentially fuels the developers into creating positive changes that appeal to both the competitive and casual sides of the game. From Battlefield vets, to Arma Geeks, to the Salty veterans who survived Project Reality and can’t stop mentioning they’ve been playing for years… The point is that most Battlefield players think Squad is too slow, the majority of Arma players think Squad is too fast paced and arcade-y. The players that see the true potential that Squad has is what keeps our player base so strong. Squad is every game mixed into one. At times it can be some of the most stressful times trying to hold down FOB Popanov while playing on Fools Road AAS V3, and other times you could be on Gorodok w/o a vehicle running from akim to the next cap.

Because of this gap between players it will take a bit more time, maybe even years for Squad to get to it’s peak amount of players depending on how often the OWI releases updates. It’s almost as if Squad is a little brother to the other AAA games, but in a sense the little brother just happens to be a superstar baseball prospect in the making. Squad will NOT be the same a year from now because it will be one of the top games on Steam and will be competing directly with the same amount of players Arma has, given the OWI devs release constant updates every 1-2 months.

As the few that play the competitive side of Squad, and myself being one of the oldest Squad competitive players in the game, the competitive scene still has much more room to grow. We are the few that control the DESTINY of what is Squad Competitive.

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