Staff Applications

There are various positions open for the upcoming season of the International Squad Knockout Tournament. 


The officials ensure the tournament is running properly and facilitates the complex task of multi-party tournament organisation. A specific task/job maybe assigned to you based on your skill set (i.e: Public Relations). Primary responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring matches are being played according to schedule and proof is uploaded to the proper locations.
  • Match management
  • Referee management (ensuring there are ample referees for every team)
  • Rules and standards
  • Refereeing matches and sorting minor issues between teams.
  • Enforcing tournament rules.
  • Executing orders issued by the Tournament Manager.


Someone competent in video editing and graphic design is needed. Primary responsibilities will include:

  • Creating promotional videos and clan advertisements for the tournament’s Youtube channel and Twitch streams.
  • Creating banners/other artwork for the competition.


Someone competent in game knowledge, competitive squad knowledge, and casting skills. Primary responsibilities will include:

  • Live streaming matches of the ISKT to Twitch channel.
  • Uploading game recordings to official Youtube channel.
  • Recording verbal interviews with team members/team captains/officials  to add to game cast.